Structured Cabling

From small businesses to major corporations, our team can run hundreds of miles of Ethernet or coaxial cabling while making it look great. We'll even ask you what color of cable you want to use. Show us a competitors quote and we'll give you a discount!


Outdoor Digital Signage

Our crews handle the project from the ground up. We're experienced in concrete footings, networking, installation, provisioning, and even landscaping. Our goal is to ensure you and your customers are satisfied with your new look.


Indoor Digital Signage

Installing indoor digital signage is more than just mounting "TVs"; its ensuring the tilt, rotation, contrast, and height is perfect. Our goal is to ensure a comfortable viewing angle for your customers!


Drive-Thru Communications

Installation and service of drive-thru communications such as; microphones, speakers, loops, and cameras. 


TV Installation Commercial or Residential

Our team can install any size TV and will ensure your view angle is perfect. We can either install 1 TV, or mass quantities (i.e. Hotels and Hospitals) 


Commercial Satellite

Installation and service of commercial satellites ranging from 1.5 meter to 5 meter. 


Site Survey

Most companies need bulk site surveys completed in order to gather the proper data for each job site location. Our company will provided excellent documentation, pictures, diagrams, and any additional information or requirements needed.  


TV Repair

If you have large quantities of TVs that need to be repaired we are the perfect solution for your needs.   


Computer Repair/Maintenance

We offer in house computer repair. Maintenance work can be performed in house or onsite.